About Nacho Nation

Nacho Nation is a place for chronicling all things that pertain to nachos. Currently, that includes highly acclaimed local Latino businesses and nacho destinations, nacho recipes, and many more nacho making & locating resources. We also aim to bring understanding, love, and tolerance to more of the world using the versatility of nachos as a vessel for spreading unity & care. It's not easy! But with over 10K followers on Instagram and a growing presence on other platforms, we invite you share our obsession with nachos and follow along with our content featuring entertaining videos, drool-worthy photos, nacho recipe & restaurant resources, and much more.

dan saltzman with a plate of asian nachos at social fusion kitchen in san mateo california

Dan Saltzman, Founder

Dan is one of the world's few certified Afficio-nachos (term soon to be officially trademarked). He has devoted his life's work to realizing the dream of a true nacho haven -- a place where anyone can find the best nachos near them or learn the ultimate techniques & tools to make nachos at home. He started this site in 2018 with the @nachos account on Instagram and has begun to gather a following of people who believe Nacho Nation can be the best home for all things nacho... and is on a mission to fuel safety, knowledge, fun and good health during (and after) the COVID-19 pandemic that is crippling our world.